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There are essays that are really nice to read and there are those that we just look through quickly and never remember. There are also such essays that become a true artwork. The point is not just about the talent of an author. It depends greatly on what topic is revealed and for what audience you write.

The essay kinds are numerous. Let’s say, there can be philosophic, literary, historic, religious, critical, and so on. According to the form, there are distinguished the notes (annotations), letters, lyrical short stories, reviews, etc. Begin with the easiest thing – with the manner of presentation and narration.

  1. A descriptive text. In this kind, an object is described. It can be a flower, a product, a human or an animal, an artist’s work or a movie – in short, everything and whatever you like. When describing something, it is significant to transfer not only the basic characteristics of an object – its appearance, smell, texture, but reflect your feelings. In this essay kind, there is no place for critique and analysis, nevertheless, subjectivity is present in the features, on which you have focused, in wordings, and in emotional coloring. The description of a process can be defined as a subtype. It is similar to a narration: some actions are described chronologically but there is no conflict.
  2. A narrative text. Action, action, and only action! Narration is the presentation of events in a chronological order from the first or third person. It can be a brief biography, as well as a story about a significant case. The main components of such a paper are the beginning, climax, and denouement. Naturally, there should be a conflict.
  3. A definition essay. It is aimed at a single goal – to reveal some notion. For this purpose, it is important to use the elements of narration, description, illustrations, and analytics.
  4. A classification paper. The post you are reading now can also be called a classification essay. We take a notion, extract some its principles, and make a classification. In such a way, we learn the issue deeper.
  5. A comparative essay. In a classification, a notion is extracted. In a comparison, you consider another relating notion, draw parallels, look for the common features and differences.
  6. An illustrative essay. It is simple: your goal is to prove some statement. For this purpose, you select and give examples. It is significant that these examples should actually prove your words.
  7. An argumentative text. If in an illustrative essay, you give the examples, then, in an argumentative essay, you present the facts that prove your statement. It is required to build these facts logically. Unlike an illustrative kind, an author emphasizes the rational feature and not emotions.
  8. A causal analysis. A cause leads to a consequence. It can become a good basis for a paper. You not just present facts but analyze and put them in a logical chain.

As you can see, a text may have various structure and different goals. It depends on the goals what genre or narration method to choose. Having learned different methods and genres, you can understand how it will be better to do an essay in your individual case. Or you can just appeal to our experts directly, and they will provide any necessary assistance.

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The biggest “mystery” is that there are no strict writing laws. Nevertheless, it will not hurt if you make up a heading and build text in accordance with the standard text organization that includes an introductory and main parts, as well as closing. At the same time, it is not compulsory to do the introductory and closing parts in accordance with some standard laws. An essay is not a research paper or a monograph, thus, there is no need in such word expressions as: “this paper is dedicated to…”, “I would like to tell the reader about…”, “the goal of my writing is…”, “I came to such conclusions as…”. There is no need in the standard paragraphs, word expressions, and words, which have no sense at all. A strict text order is not needed as well.

Unluckily for some scholars and luckily for the paper readers, an essay paper should not be similar to a bunch of statements. The fact that the formal writing rules are absent and you are not limited to some frames does not allow you to create a poor, obscure, filled with the mistakes paper. That is why it is strongly recommended to keep some framework, and here are several tips for an aspiring essay author on the laws of essay creation.

  1. Keep on your mind the theme and goal of your paper. Your paper should obligatory match its heading and the theme that you bring up. Do not write too many thoughts and your personal reflections if the topic does not demand it. Excessively detailed explanations and depictions, even very good ones, may set you up.
  2. Find out an approximate volume of a text and follow it. Do not expect that your effort will be appreciated if you create a work in two volumes on the topic “Why did I decide to become a doctor” or “What is happiness in my life”. Certainly, if you are an aspiring writer, a true writing genius, future Shakespeare or Aristotle’s heir, who is able to attract a reader with your ideas or narration style, you can take the risk and create several dozens instead of just several pages. Do you consider yourself a gifted author? Visit the library, take a literary work of any well-known writer or philosopher, and begin reading. Did you manage not to fall asleep at once? Try to make the comparison of two styles – the author’s and yours. Do not want to do this? Write concisely, then. The professors are people just like you and they can easily get bored when reading someone’s excessively large paper. A couple of pages are absolutely fine to present a topic entirely.
  3. Split your writing into fragments, add headings if needed, and use visual presentation techniques. The times of integral texts finished long ago. Your ability to present a single idea in one-page paragraph does not interest anybody – no one will read such a huge text fragment entirely. Care for making your text look and sound nice, even if it is created for a single reader.
  4. Get along without a protracted introductory part. Most likely, a prospective reader of your paper is familiar with the topic. There is no need to speak about the relevance of the issue, significance of its solution for today’s society, do not list the aims and objectives of your paper (unlike other academic assignments, such as term paper or thesis). Begin at once. The same applies to closing. Do not waste reader’s time.
  5. Have your text organized. It should be organized at least somehow. The introduction and closing go without saying, even if they are only a line or two size. It is important to have the main part structured as well. Decide on where you will present a problem, where to reason or describe it. The problem and its argumentation should have some form. You can formulate the problematic issue in the introductory part, in closing or somewhere else in your paper. The most significant thing is to have your writing logically organized and ordered.
  6. Avoid empty and senseless elements. There can be “technical” and “meaning” empty elements. “Technical” empty elements are the parasite words, abundance of introductory elements – simply put, all those elements that turn a text into a hard to comprehend writing. “Meaning” empty elements are everything that has neither sense, nor matches the defined theme, and is just unnecessary in your paper. It can be hard to “squeeze” your writing to remove everything excessive so try to keep to the theme from the outset.
  7. Avoid hand-written texts. Actually, different situations occur. They could ask you to do a small paper at the job interview or in a class. In such circumstances, there is nothing you can do but taking a sheet of paper and demonstrate your handwriting. If an assignment is homework, do not present your handwritten text. Such excuses as “There is no computer that I could use” will not do. Today 90% of students have a PC, a smartphone (or another suitable for this purpose gadget) that can also be used for typing purpose. Even if you are from a far-away village and have an old cell phone, there is the way out – give your handwritten text to someone who possesses an appropriate gadget and get your paper typed. Also, you can borrow a computer or go to the Web café. Is there neither money nor time? Visit the dean’s office and ask to print your paper. No one can resist a poor student with sad eyes.
  8. Use a photo editor and orthography check. MS Word is the helper for any student. Increase indent, highlight the headings, choose spacing, which makes your paper legible. Check whether your text is nice for reading. Another thing – focus on orthography, properly put commas, points, and other marks. Though in terms of punctuation MS Word is not the most reliable assistant, and some grammatical errors can be missed as well. That is why before showing your writing, let someone educated look it through. It can be a fellow student, but the perfect option is to turn to a professional editor or proofreader. The experts of our site will do it quickly and competently for you.
  9. Read the paper once again before presenting it. We shall tell about how to “test” a completed essay and what should be checked later. For now, your task is to remove all the inaccuracies. They damage your paper and the effect that it produces (you want to have a positive effect, don’t you?). Some teachers and professors are ready to forgive many mistakes (students not always possess perfect knowledge) but the lack of attention to the written paper, which is seen by an abundance of typos, can hardly be forgiven.
  10. You realize now, an essay text does not obey some particular creation laws. Nevertheless, it is recommended following some framework. Or you can go the other way and order an essay from qualified and professional experts of our website. You will save much time and money because we will provide you with a good discount.

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    Any text, whether it is a thesis paper, a term paper, an article, a research paper, or an essay should have a clear structure. Even posts on one’s personal blog have their structure.

    Unlike many other college papers, an essay possesses “the freedom of creation”. However, everyone knows: the more freedom we have the more responsibility it implies. Getting the freedom, you need to think about the structure of your future essay on your own. A narrative essay will start with the plot complication, an illustrative essay will present one or two statements first, a causal analysis essay will be built in accordance with the laws of logic. That is how it has to be.

    The structure can be just made up. However, it is better to take a sheet of paper and create an approximate plan. The plan is the text “skeleton”, on which you will put the “flesh”. Any text requires a plan, especially and essay paper.

    Creating a plan

    Any written paper, any text has:

    1. An introduction. The “introduction” and “closing” may imply the first and final paragraphs. It is not recommended treating these text elements formally. The first paragraph or the first text part familiarizes a reader with the issue, presents the problem of a paper. There is no need in a big introduction – one-two paragraphs are totally enough.
    2. A main part. The main part requires the most attention, especially when creating a plan. It can have different structure: - Thesis-argumentation, thesis-argumentation, thesis-argumentation, and so on. In this case, you formulate a thought first, and then, prove it. - Reverse structure (facts-conclusion). You describe a situation, present facts, and make a conclusion. Do it several times. - Thesis and several arguments (facts). In this case, one thought is proven with several examples. A thesis can be presented in the beginning, as well as after the examples. Saying “thesis”, we mean a short complete thought that an essay author wants to tell the reader. Saying “argument”, we mean some proof of a thesis. It can be a life situation, news, scientist’s opinion, scientific theory, or scientifically proven fact. Ideally, one thesis should be proven by two arguments. A single argument may seem unconvincing and three arguments will overload the text. Anyway, you are free to give as many arguments as you want. It greatly depends on a thesis, narration logic, size, text plan, etc. It is important to preserve the logic, brevity, and text imagery.
    3. A closing part. In this part, as a rule, everything presented previously is summarized. An author along with the reader sums up. It is important that the conclusions should not be far-fetched and not appear from “nowhere”. In the final, you mention what a reader should understand, having familiarized with the main part of your paper.

    Structure of the main part of text

    It is important that the main part would be built in accordance with the laws of logic. You can move from simple to difficult, conduct analysis or synthesis, use the method of deduction or induction. In order to build a logical text:

    • Record the theses;
    • Select several arguments to every thesis;
    • Put the theses in a logical order: every following statement should be logically connected with the previous one.

    Thus, you will get a detailed plan. You will need to build a text on it and your essay will be almost done. However, before you begin working on a text, check whether the theses are logically ordered and whether the arguments are convincing enough.

    What to begin with?

    It is advised to begin with the main part. It will be easier to make the introduction and closing later, when you make sure that the text main part is logic and clear to the reader. If you take care of a detailed plan, you can start writing with an introduction, it will be easy.

    Sometimes it happens that there is no time or desire to do an essay on your own. In this case, we strongly recommend ordering it from the professionals of our on-line agency. We guarantee the best result.

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    Essay: the sniff test

    You already know well what an essay paper is and how to create it. If you have a ready text, now you just need to revise it carefully. Of course, you can do it by yourself, however, a professional reviser, editor, and proofreader will cope with the task much better and faster. Anyway, first, you will need to check it on your own: your text may maintain logical and factual mistakes that only you can be aware of.

    The work on text is similar to the examination of body. There are also many levels of examination. Let’s see what they are.

    • The sniff test. In this case, we mean insincerity and irrationality. No one but you (and maybe two or three close ones) will help with this test. Lay your text aside for several days (at least till tomorrow), and then, look at it afresh. Think about whether you have been sincere when creating it, if the narration way is logical, whether all the thoughts are reasoned well. If everything is okay, let someone read it, and proceed to the next stage. If you feel that there is something wrong, rewrite and fix the text.
    • Clarifying the facts. A lot of things are based on the facts and, unfortunately, people are used to handle the facts in their favor. Journalists, bloggers, internet writers often misuse facts and their not much demanding and often lazy audience forgives them. However, it does not work with the professors and employers. Check every single fact. Use several sources, for this purpose. Remember that “Wikipedia” is not the absolute truth. The encyclopedias can also have outdated facts. If some fact is false and your logic chain is damaged, it is required to rewrite the text.
    • Removing the parasites. It is clear about the facts. Now let’s speak about the text itself. Let’s suppose that you do not make speech errors. You are a high achiever of a philology department and know better than a professor the rules of punctuation. However, all this does not protect you from the “parasites”. Modal verbs, introductory words and the whole constructions, abundance of adjectives and adverbs make a text heavy.
    • Nothing must be done hastily but killing of fleas. So do not rush when working on your text. Maybe you fixed the style and removed all the spelling mistakes. However, are you perfectly sure about this? MS Word will help fix the gross errors and misprints but there are a lot of other tricky language things that you need to check extremely carefully. It is almost impossible to do it if you are not a specialist in the field of academic writing. This is high time to appeal to the professional editors and proofreaders. The experts of our site will gladly assist you. We will “kill all the fleas”, make the text logic and credible. You can confidently present a paper processed by our qualified professionals.

    If all the steps mentioned above are not for you, we strongly recommend ordering your papers on our website. It is so easy and you feel safe and 100% confident in the highest quality of your paper.

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    What is anti-plagiarism needed for?

    The demands for uniqueness of scientific and academic papers appeared before the era of the Internet. However, previously the teachers and professors could use only their memory and erudition. If a student brazenly copied the text of a famous monograph and tried to present it as his (her) own work, a teacher caught such a student in 99,9% of cases. If a student managed to find a little-known article on the topic, the risk of being caught was pretty low.

    Frankly speaking, in the era before the Internet, it was widespread to copy the whole paragraphs from others’ texts. The most important was to mix them with the paragraphs from other books and articles carefully and, of course, to avoid borrowing text fragments of popular works.

    With the Internet, two problems appeared:

    1. The banks of scientific works with ready papers – teachers and professors just got tired from frank plagiarism. However, such ready papers are easy to recognize even without special programs because they are of pretty low quality, in most cases.
    2. Simplification of information search – students started to compile texts using the Internet. It is not forbidden to use the Internet to create an academic paper on one’s own. Who cares where you get information from? The most important is references. However, a student is a very cunning and clever creature that directs every effort at the minimization of work. Annually the volume of useful information on the Web gets bigger, and students have less necessity in photocopying, rewriting, and retyping of the necessary data.

    It means that before the era of the Internet abundance, a student used to work much even when just compiling texts. Today, you can find necessary information in an hour, mix the texts fragments in a couple of hours, and achieve a pretty good imitation of scrupulous work.

    By the way, many specialists engaged in the field of academic writing also used such methods in 2000 – 2007. It was the time when their job was much easier compared to the present situation. They could create a good term paper in just a day. The main work was to create the introduction and closing on the templates and to draw the conclusions. It was very easy to compile the theoretical part. However, later there came… the age of anti-plagiarism.

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    The age of anti-plagiarism

    Before specialized programs that detect plagiarized text elements, some teachers just entered into search engines the sentences from different academic papers (essay, course paper, thesis) to check if they are original or not. However, it was boring, tiring, and could not guarantee the detection of plagiarized elements if they were changed somehow.

    The first program for automatic detection of plagiarized text fragments in multi-page papers appeared in 2007. It was directed more at the check of dissertations so that postgraduate students created only original and unique papers. However, soon teachers and professors started to use the program to check all kinds of academic papers. Now students suffer greatly from it. Experts in the field of academic papers creation also got much more and harder work.

    After that, new advanced programs that analyze text uniqueness started to appear. There are a lot of on-line portals and services that allow checking a text for plagiarism. They maintain the databases with numerous scientific works and easily detect plagiarism. Also, some teachers and professors use several programs for a more precise result. After such check, the chances to hide plagiarism or rewriting come to naught. Luckily, there are ways to increase the chances. For instance, if you order the services of our site, our experienced experts will make your text plagiarism-free and fix all the mistakes.

    How to deal with anti-plagiarism? The point is that some programs are not suitable for academic papers check. Anyway, if you appeal to the experts of our on-line agency, we guarantee that your papers will be 100% plagiarism free. We also provide other guarantees of high quality, cheap prices, and confidentiality that let our customers feel safe. If you place an order right now, a discount up to 20% is ensured!

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    How to order an academic paper creation and correction from a specialist to get a supreme result

    Paper writing and fixing to order is a highly demanded service. Here we have prepared several pieces of advice that will help you order a required paper and get the most high-quality result. If you ask a freelance writer for assistance, you can get a professional and reliable helper, as well as irresponsible and unprofessional. However, if you appeal to our professionals, you are guaranteed to cooperate with highly qualified and certified specialists in the writing field.

    Cooperation with our on-line agency allows protecting you from the biggest risk factor, i.e. brazen fraud (since we provide a money-back guarantee). Anyway, the final result depends on many factors, including the precision of your instructions and demands, as well as your personal approach to the matter.

    Pieces of advice for those who need an academic paper to order

    1. Specify the requirements of your college / university, faculty, and your academic adviser. We recommend not being lazy and find out everything needed about the topic, recommended sources and literature, outline (at least a general one), especial requirements of your professor, etc. It will allow you to express your demands clearly. Look at what the guide on paper creation and formatting of your faculty maintains and add the key points to your demands. Usually, the writing and formatting requirements are common but your faculty might have a couple of its own things.
    2. Do not leave the order until the last minute. It is highly recommended to order your paper more than in a day before the deadline. Especially when it goes about thesis and dissertation, 24 hours are not enough to create a really excellent paper. Also, take into consideration that most professors check the papers, make remarks, and ask to make the required changes. Almost any paper needs further refinements after the first check.
    3. If you decide to hire a freelance specialist, choose from the list or arrange a tender. When you discuss the price, do not be misled by frankly dumping offers. True professionals know and can explain what they are paid for. An average quality work will have an average market cost. The processing of paper with high demands claiming for a high grade requires collaboration with an experienced specialist. Highly demanded experts often have higher prices, however, they have a responsible approach to the matter and work professionally.
      You need to know that cooperating with the experts of our online company, you get both professional approach and low cost of the provided services.
    4. Mention in advance that you use several anti-plagiarism systems. Specify that you do not need the deceptive ways of making a text unique. Thus, frauds and incompetent executors will not bother you offering to assist.
    5. Set bold deadlines. It is better to have some spare days, just in case.The most optimal variant is to present your paper (when we speak about thesis or dissertation) in parts. If deadlines are reasonable, you can agree with your personal assistant to send and process your paper in stages.
    6. Discuss the payment issues. This point is relevant to the cases when you look for a helper somewhere on forums or contact him (or her) by an ad. The risks are high for both parties. You can be deceived with a prepayment, a specialist can be afraid of not getting the whole sum of money, and so on. Fortunately, the things are simple on our website: we agree on a price, and everyone feels calm and safe. Money is in the system and paid when a customer is satisfied with the results.
    7. Make maximally clear requirements. Some students are convinced that it is enough to mention the topic of a paper, and that is it. The specialists will do the rest. Well, for our specialists it is enough. They can create absolutely any paper based on your topic. However, in most cases, there are particular requirements to a paper (set by a teacher, professor, faculty, etc.) that necessarily should be kept. If a paper does not meet these particular requirements, the chances for a high grade are very low.
      The best option is to specify the demands in maximum details, especially if you have not ordered papers before and this is the first time you cooperate with a personal assistant. In theory, it is not necessary to mention the basics (such as the fact that there should be references in the text). Nevertheless, it is better to specify even such details. The more detailed your requirements are the higher chances there are to get the wanted result.
    8. If your paper should contain a practical part, discuss the way it will be created. Usually, it will not do without professional support. If it is required to conduct research in a particular laboratory or school, to get curator’s signature, it will be necessary to do it on your own. Take into consideration that sometimes a specialist just cannot do some assignments. For instance, your personal assistant will hardly manage to go to the library archive in your native city. What to do in this case? There are a couple of ways out: - To find a helper in your city; - To get the needed local materials on your own and transfer it to the specialist for processing; - To delegate the collection of materials to a specialist from your city, and then, appeal to an expert who will process them.
    9. Discuss the conditions of foreign material translation (if your paper requires it). Many papers require using the materials in foreign languages, but if you cannot find someone who can deal with such a task, divide your order in two parts. Place the order for translation separately, and send the got materials to the specialist who works on your paper.
    10. Agree on the refinement and improvement of paper. Mention in the instructions what exactly refinement includes. Do not try to cheat presenting simple demands, and then, adding more and more requirements to get what you want. No one likes cunning clients because such an approach may lead to a conflict. Mutual respect is very important.
      On the other hand, it is better not to cooperate with an executor who rejects refinement in advance. A professional author understands that a teacher or an academic adviser almost always wants to change and fix something in a student’s paper. Eventually, that is his (or her) job.
    11. Specify if you need a presentation or a speech for the defense. These are the kinds of work that our experts can also perform if needed. In order to get a presentation or a speech, or both of them, mention that you need it when placing your order. By the way, there are experts who specialize in this direction and know how to work with different graphical software. They will do an outstanding work for you.
    12. When you need to create or correct a thesis paper or dissertation, cooperate with the experts who specialize in this field. Thus, your chances to get the best grade become much higher.

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    As you can see, a great paper requires the participation of both parties. However, the result will be 100% outstanding. By the way, do not be lazy to make sure that the delivered paper meets your requirements and is plagiarism-free. Of course, do not forget to read it carefully. Our experts will do your paper for you, but you are the one who will have to present and defend it. So take care of your part of work and our expert team will do the rest.

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