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Cover letter can beneficially supplement and explain your main employment document – your resume. It is also a good way to show your interest in a position, to convince an employer to invite you for an interview and, in general, to enhance the chance for a positive response.

Cover letter can be sent to an employer before submitting resume and job application to test the waters and offer your services. It can be sent after a resume to explain some points, persuade to invite you for an interview, and demonstrate why they need to hire exactly you. Also, the letter can be sent after an interview to express your gratitude and increase your chances, in such a way.

However, a cover letter is a document, first of all, and as any other document it has its own rules of creation. Do you know how to write it properly? Anyway, it does not matter because the experts of Write-my.com letter writing agency are well aware of everything related to cover letter creation and specialize in this sphere. We will make an excellent outstanding cover letter that will definitely draw employer’s attention. For this purpose, we have saved a lot of cover letter examples.

Assistance with cover letter creation is affordable more than ever on our website. Our prices are not the cheapest, but we provide discounts and bonuses to every client. The most important is that the quality of our services is always high. Get you professionally composed winning cover letter from competent writers on our site.

Cover letter is your chance to stand out and present yourself to an employer. Every day hiring managers get hundreds of resumes, and it is very difficult to choose the right ones among them. A cover letter shows that a job seeker is ready to make an additional effort to draw attention, what means that the same behavior he (or she) will demonstrate at work as well. It also allows you to tell about yourself something significant before an interview. A lot of our clients were invited for an interview thanks to a competently written cover letter, which they got from our experts.

There are two ways to create it:

  1. a) to use a cover letter template from the Internet, based on which you will create a letter on your own,
  2. b) to turn to a professional writer who will write a cover letter for you quickly, with skill and with quality warranty.

The main focus of a cover letter should be on what you can offer to an employer and why you are different from other candidates. This is kind of sales – a cover letter is information about the uniqueness of your service.

Why else would you need a cover letter?

  • For admission to a college or university, especially foreign ones;
  • For participation in grants and competitions, including foreign;
  • For submission your resume to the companies that do not have vacancies but you really want to work there.

Why order a cover letter from a specialist?

  • Our specialists have been on the side of employers and know how they select resumes with cover letters, as well as they have been on the side of candidates and know their needs. We know how HR managers evaluate candidates and what to do to “pick up” them. We guarantee to write a cover letter that will turn you into a wanted candidate. In addition, we have a lot of modern cover letter examples.
  • We know in what form an HR manager will get your resume and cover letter. A lot of systems of resume processing take resumes from employment websites, but they often ignore cover letters. In order to be 100% sure that your cover letter will be noticed, it is necessary to insert it in the resume “body” properly. We know how to do it professionally.
  • Our experts will structure and format your resume nicely and make it attractive.
  • We will find together your strengths and accomplishments and present them in accordance with the requirements of a vacancy or fellowship programme.
  • Cover letter service saves your time.

For whom this service is

  • For everyone who does not have time to create a cover letter but has the need for it;
  • For people who send out their resumes but do not receive responses from hiring managers. We shall strengthen your resume with a powerful cover letter;
  • For everyone who wants to optimize his (her) cover letter taking into consideration the needs of employers;
  • For everyone who has faced difficulties with cover letter creation and does not understand what to write in it;
  • For everyone who looks for a job and realizes that competition is high and it is required to stand out;
  • For everyone who looks not for the first job and wants to sell competently his (her) skills to an HR manager before an interview;
  • For everyone who cannot see his (her) strengths and accomplishments but wants to see and use them when looking for a job. Cover letter helps in this case.

How is a cover letter created?

  • You make us a request, we contact you and discuss for what vacancy you need a cover letter, speak about your work experience and key skills. Also, we agree on a cover letter format and style.
  • We prepare your excellent paper using a cover letter template or invent it from scratch. Usually it takes 1-3 days depending on difficulty. However, we can do it as fast as you need. As a customer, you set the deadlines, and we meet them.
  • We send you a done letter for check. If necessary, we correct and refine it.


You get a working cover letter that will increase your chances to get to the company of your dream. Information in your cover letter can also be used to create useful contacts in different professional networks.

How to order the service?

Contact us using an order form on the site, email us or use our live chat for direct and immediate response. Our managers work 24/7 to respond to your requests anytime as soon as possible.

My cover letter writing service is Write-my.com

A lot of people treat cover letters as something not obligatory and unimportant. They think it is just an introductory part to a resume, from which an employer can learn some facts that are not mentioned in a candidate’s resume. However, you should know that HR managers pay much attention to this document and here are some points they focus on.

  • Grammar and stylistic mistakes. Sometimes a resume is well-structured, edited, but a cover letter contains such silly mistakes that make you wonder how it can be possible to make them. It is considered that specialists who submit resume possess a university degree, thus, everyone expects that their documents should be excellent. Of course, nobody is above making a mistake, and a candidate might make some typos or use some words improperly. That is why it is better to entrust cover letter, as well as resume, to professional writers. Thus, you will be protected from such mistakes, and your paper will have perfect grammar and stylistics. If not, there is the risk that an HR manager will not want to read a candidate’s resume when there are many mistakes in a cover letter.
  • When you write a cover letter, there is no sense to copy your professional experience. Hiring managers wonder why candidates do this. Such a doubled argument will hardly help make more positive impression about a candidate. Do not follow this letter template.
  • It is interesting when a candidate looks for a job not in the field of his (her) present experience. A competently built cover letter sometimes helps understand the motives of a candidate. A convincingly written cover letter can easily bring you an invitation for a job interview, even if you are a young lawyer who wants to work in sales. This is what you need to say persuasively in a cover letter.
  • The number of pronouns “I” in a letter makes a hiring manager think that a candidate is too self-confident. They say that it is better not to be too much straightforward when speaking about professional skills. A company looks for a partner with experience, not for a person who will try to control the situation and set one’s own rules. You will have time to present your skills when you are hired.
  • If you really want to reflect something significant in a cover letter, approach it from the interest in a vacancy multiplied by your knowledge and experience. It is important for a hiring manager to see that a candidate is interested in the working duties and sphere of company activity, instead of just a reaction to wages and office location.

Competent help with cover letters – great result

As a rule, a cover letter is the first thing that a hiring manager sees when getting the flow of resumes in the in-box. So if you doubt whether to write it, the answer is definitely yes. Whatever position you want to apply for, a competent, concise and maximum informative cover letter will be a correct beginning of self-presentation, and also, it should make an employer want to read further information about you.

Do not make it too big, do not copy text elements from a resume, and do not tell your biography. It is better to write briefly, concerning the substance, using official and respectful tone, without any familiarity. Avoid clichés and banalities, trying to demonstrate individuality and not borrowing speech patterns that are so many on the internet sources.

Of course, not only letter content is of great importance but also its quality. It is necessary to check it carefully to be certain that there are no grammar and spelling, punctuation and stylistic mistakes – reread for several times before sending. If you follow these simple rules, the first impression you will make on an employer will be positive. Also, you will manage to stand out from the crowd of candidates who want to get the same position.

You can see now how you can benefit from a competently created cover letter. If you order cover letter service at write-my.com, you are guaranteed to get an error-free unique creative document that will make your prospective employers want to read your resume and meet you in person. Also, a resume written by our specialists will strengthen your chances to get a desired job. Prices are low and quality of work is high. Contact our managers to ask any question you have or specify any other information. We want your career paths be successful! Let your job search be easy and effective.