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Professional proofreading from experts of Write My

Text proofreading is the correction of mistakes and inaccuracies made by an author when writing or typing a text or missed in the process of author’s editing, as well as updating of materials that become outdated during the process of text creation and corrections in typing. This is a general and a bit out-of-date definition of the term proofreading. Simply put, today we can say that proofreading is a set of corrections and the process of correcting itself.

What proofreading services include

Professional proofreaders in the process of work perform a complex of activities:

  1. Correction of misprints (author’s and made when typing).
  2. Grammatical check (grammatical mistakes – mistakes in word formation, morphology, syntax):
    1. Word formation mistakes – this is an incorrect order of the connection of word parts and formation of new words. The example of such a mistake is the usage of non-existing word forms instead of the ones that exist but have an irregular form.
    2. Morphological mistakes – this is an incorrect formation of grammatical forms of words of different parts of speech. For example, the usage of improper number, case, degrees of comparison, etc.
    3. Syntactical mistakes – this is an incorrect combination of syntactical units (words combinations and sentences); non-compliance with the rules of the sequence of words and syntax control; lack of correlation of the sentence parts with each other with the help of grammatical forms of the words; mistakes in the structure of word combinations; improper use of the clauses.
  3. Orthography check (spelling). The norms of orthography are the rules of presentation of words in writing that include the rules of indication of sounds with letters, the rules of capitalization and graphical word reductions, the rules of writing words together, with a hyphen or apart.
  4. Punctuation check. This is the check of proper use of punctuation marks that separate in writing syntactical units (or their elements), fix in the text left and right borders of a syntactical structure or its element, and unite in the text several syntactical units into a single whole.

Can someone proof my text? – We will!

Expert’s services imply text proof reading – the final reading of an edited text with fresh eyes that can notice some missed factual, logical, semantic or stylistic flaws. Qualitative text proofreading can remove the mistakes of an author (or typesetter) such as gaps, typos, there will be set uniformity of marking and reductions, names and other elements, also, there will be checked the system of footnotes, references and numeration.

Does author’s proofreading exist?

We are often asked whether authors can proofread the text on their own, fix the mistakes and misprints without help. The opinion of our professional agency is, of course, they can. However, only few can. As a rule, an author is not the best proof reader because in one’s own text, which is so well familiar, due to personal bias, he (or she) sees absolutely different things than a “stranger” specialist.

Probably, high-quality author’s proofreading is as rare phenomenon as an honest self-criticism or victory over one’s own laziness. Only professional proofreader’s services guarantee to remove the mistakes from any text.

Proofreading and editing: who cares?

The difference between these two processes is not clear to many people and not much important.

  • Proofreaders are demanded in the organizations that prepare and publish in printed or electronic form various text materials. They are publishing houses, book, newspaper and magazine editorial offices.
  • At the copywriting agencies, there usually work specialists who are responsible for both editing and proofreading. As a rule, the authors who are sure about the meaning and stylistic components of their texts hire a professional proofreader.

Reliable and affordable text proofreading service

What for proofreading and editing are needed?

If you write any text and are going to present it, you need to ask professionals to check it. Even the most literate authors use the services of proofreaders and editors because due to different reasons, it is natural for people not to notice their mistakes.

Text check is also necessary for the owners of websites because content with many silly and accident flaws pushes readers away and causes doubts in professionalism of a resource. Materials on you site can be qualitative but will not work because of the errors that you just cannot see.

That is why it is worth giving your texts for check to a proofreader or an editor, preferably both. In such a way, you will protect yourself from many unpleasant situations and consequences. It does not cost as much as your good academic performance, business reputation or discontent of the target audience. The prices on our site are cheap, and discounts are provided. So welcome to our site, and let’s become better together.