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Do you know that there are different kinds of text rewriting services? There is rewriting of various documents and rewriting of website content, i.e. texts published on websites. agency specializes in rewriting of academic papers mostly, however, our professional writers and copywriters deal with SEO rewriting as well. The cost of rewriting services is reasonable, and every internet user can afford it.

If you are a college student, you can get any academic paper rewritten. We can redo your essays, term papers, thesis papers, dissertations, etc. Your paper will be changed completely, and an original idea will be preserved. If you are a website owner, we will provide you with an outstanding content. Our specialists guarantee 100% uniqueness of any text. You can greatly benefit from cooperation with Write-my Company.

As we have said, we deal with rewriting of different text materials. Text rewriting is a lexical transformation of a text with the preservation of its original idea. Structure and vocabulary of a text are changed, meanwhile, semantic remains the same. SEO rewriting is used when it is necessary to promote a website. There are special keywords that are used in a text for the purpose of text promotion.

With the help of professional copywriters and rewriters of Write-my Company team, your text will be not only unique, but you will also improve your academic performance or increase the attendance of your site (depending on the purpose of your text).

Text rewriting from Write-my Company

  • 100% unique text
  • No errors and typos
  • Rewriting of all kinds of texts on any topic
  • Logic, readable, clear text
  • Super-fast rewriting “for today”, “for yesterday” and “suddenly”
  • In-depth rewriting of any original material

To order rewriting services: how to do it

  • Make sure that rewriting is exactly what you need (you should have a text or other sources for rewriting);
  • Fill out an order form on the site;
  • Send your document to our email;
  • Answer some clarifying questions;
  • Pay for rewriting services;
  • Close your eyes. Now open your eyes. Your texts are done!
  • Give us your feedback on the quality of our work and order more.

Who can write and rewrite my papers expertly?

Article rewriting and information content

Filling of a website, creation of content is one of the main stages of promotion of a web resource on the internet. For this purpose, there are used a lot of methods of getting a unique text. The methods differ in price, complexity, time and so on. One of the most effective methods of content creation is text rewriting. What are its advantages? Who can benefit from such services? Let’s see.

Clarifying the notion

Rewriting is lexical paraphrasing of a text with the preservation of meaning. At the same time, the structure of text and vocabulary are changed, but meaning remains the same. Such a method is used to get a unique content. Initially, text rewriting was required to avoid judicial proceedings in connection to copyright violation. Today, rewriting is used by college students to achieve the required level of text uniqueness and avoid plagiarism, and it is also used by website owners to fill the portals and websites with content that you can find nowhere else on the internet.

Pros and cons

Rewriting is popular and demanded in many countries. It has its specific advantages:

  • Lower cost – rewriting is less effort-consuming work compared with copywriting, so its price is more affordable;
  • It is quick – a simple text can be written at the earliest manageable time since there is no need to spend time on the search of qualitative sources;
  • It reflects original message fully – a text does not contain writer’s personal mind or any other outside information.

According to the customer’s desires, a text can be supplemented with additional information. Of course, such details are always discussed and agreed, thus, a customer is guaranteed to get a text that corresponds to all set requirements.

Who needs the service?

Text rewriting will be much useful for college students, who need to have unique papers, as well as the owners of various internet resources. It is widely used for:

  • News portals;
  • Blogs;
  • Internet stores;
  • Information sites, etc.

A great feature of rewriting service is that a client can choose any text he (or she) likes and get it fully paraphrased and unique. Thus, a client can fill his (her) resource with a new and useful content. That is why rewriting is greatly demanded among the owners of various websites.

Competent essay rewriter can cope with any task

Types of rewriting and its features

Text can be rewritten in different ways. In some cases, style of statement is changed or a number of words / symbols, order of logic theses, etc. It is also important that the purposes of a text differ. That is why, according to the set goals, a specialist selects the type of rewriting.

Modern rewriting usually has the following goals:

  • Writing of a unique SEO text for promotion of a web resource in the search systems;
  • Spread of news from an original source;
  • Rewriting of advertising articles for commercial resources;
  • Transformation of big and complex texts into readable and informative.

In order to bring a site to top and enhance its attendance, SEO rewriting is used. It is characterized by the presence of special keys that are skillfully and organically inserted in a text. Such texts are created not only for search engines but for a real audience as well, that is why they are easy to read, comprehensible, and have full meaning.

SEO rewriting can be selling. Suchlike texts have more commercial bias and are usually created for internet stores or companies that offer their services.

Informative (news) articles are placed on news portals, thematic sites and so on. Their distinguishing feature is big sizes that can 8-10 thousand symbols. News rewriting is often characterized by presence of numerous numerical values (dates, sums, etc.), names and other precise information.

Stages of text creation

In order to purchase rewriting service of a required text, a client only needs to make a request and describe the desires about a future text. It is important to provide maximum information and present all the demands. In this case, a final text will fully correspond to the customer’s requirements.

Further algorithm of text creation is as follows:

  1. Creation of an individual plan for a customer. Our specialists pick up appropriate keys that will bring a text to the top positions in a search system. At the same time, client’s personal remarks are taken into consideration, and it allows adapting a text to the common and individual demands.
  2. Study of an original source. A specialist carefully studies given materials, general plan of work and simultaneously creates a plan of text writing.
  3. Text rewriting itself. An expert creates a unique, interesting and readable text using an individual pattern of work (someone prefers to define text structure first, meanwhile, others change an original text step by step, sentence by sentence).
  4. Check. The text is proofread to be sure that there are no spelling, grammar and other kinds of errors. It is checked by a specialist and special programs.
  5. Uniqueness identifying. A specialist checks a ready text with the help of online program. It shows the percentage of uniqueness of a rewritten text.
  6. Final editing and proofreading. When comprehensive check is performed, a text is examined for mistakes again to remove even the tiniest flaws and inaccuracies.

As a result of done work, we get a high-quality rewritten text, the main idea of which corresponds to the original version fully. If a client asks, there can be used additional information from other sources. All this is discussed in advance.

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Why is it beneficial to order qualitative rewriting and copywriting?

Today, in order to be popular on the World Wide Web, also called Internet, it is necessary to develop one’s business constantly, improve it and make unique. In principle, we can see the same in an ordinary non-virtual sphere. Every day there appear more and more businesspeople who offer services and goods similar in price and quality to already existing ones.

Of course, they fill their resource with unique material, pay a lot of money to advertising companies that promote it to the top. From the point of view of customers, it is good – they have more options. However, for the companies it is bad because competition increases all the time, and it is necessary to fight it somehow. This leads to extra expenses to beat competitors.

Nevertheless, thanks to unique texts for a reasonable price, it is possible to take a leading position. That is why all businessmen need to order qualitative rewriting or copywriting services, regardless their sphere of activity.

The team of highly-qualified specialists will help you make your site more unique by filling it with high-quality content that presents credible and useful information.

Uniqueness of a web resource can be increased in two ways:

  • Copywriting;
  • Rewriting.

These two terms are similar at some points but have a great difference. Copywriting implies creation of a brand new text with new thoughts and new manner of statement. This is what the specialists of our team do. Of course, information we present is always a reliable accurate data got from our own research, analysis, development and critics.


Copywriting is popular in the countries that produce brand new kinds of goods, offer new types of services that have not existed on the Web before. team can turn even a uniform thing, text in our case, into something unique through a wholly new approach to it.

Creative thinking, zeal for perfection and constant dynamics of inner potential allow our copywriters to create 100% unique texts of any kind. Also, it should be noticed that copywriting service is highly valued.

High-quality rewriting

In order to save money and get not less unique content for your website, Write-my company offers rewriting services. The principles of work and approach to every client when performing copywriting or rewriting do not change. Ordering rewriting, you can be sure that the quality of the services will not change and preserve their value. The only difference is that rewriting implies work with a ready source through its change to achieve the wanted level of uniqueness.

Cost of services

Usually, the first question that interests customers is the cost of rewriting services. The price is calculated individually for every client. You need to know that the price for rewriting is more affordable compared with other writing services. The specialists of agency will rewrite any text for you quickly and for little pay. Get acquainted with the information on our site or contact our managers. They will specify the prices, consult on the issues of cooperation, and answer any questions you have.