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There are numerous examples when an excellently written and properly formatted paper brings a low grade due to incorrectly built defense speech. Defense speech is an oral report, a very brief text that contains concise, laconic and very clear presentation of work: its relevance, goals and objectives, course of research, main conclusions, theoretical and practical results.

If you find it difficult to choose information that will be presented in the speech, to put the materials in correct order, if you do not know how to start and finish your speech, if you need to get prepared for the defense and compose a speech competently, Write-my.com specialists are willing to assist you. Yes, we understand your request "write my informative speech".Our experts will create an outstanding winning speech that will bring you the best grade. Let us make your busy student life easier. You can totally rely on our professionalism. Place your order, and an excellent speech is guaranteed. In addition, we want to share some useful tips that will also help you present your paper as best as you can.

Features of defense speech writing

What to start writing with? Strangely enough, but in this case, a preparatory phase is very significant, in particular, in order to prepare for the defense perfectly, it is necessary to find out in front of whom you will defend it. Options can be various:

  • Individually and only in front of your supervisor;
  • Individually but there will also be other students, professors, and so on;
  • Group defense (in this case, several works are presented as the implementation of some academic project).

Naturally, the number and status of people present at the defense should be taken into consideration, although the structure of the speech for defense is the same for each case (the difference may be only in the wording of some phrases). In order to compose a speech properly, we suggest that you consider the following sample plan. Or the best option is to order a professional speech writing service on our site. Speech is usually created based on the content of introduction and conclusions. One more tip – make a presentation and prepare handout material. Our experts can help you with these issues as well.

How to write a speech for academic paper defense?

There comes a moment in the life of absolutely every student when it is necessary to deliver a speech. You have been working hard, collecting information, analyzing, writing a paper, agreeing it with your supervisor, reviewer, and so on. You have spent a lot of effort, time, nerves, and now, there is the final push left – to present and defend your work. For this purpose, you need to write a speech, and not just speech but a good speech. However, many students have questions like:

  • How a 100-page research paper can be presented in just 10 minutes?
  • How to create a speech for defense properly?
  • What should a speech contain to get a good grade?
  • How to figure out what it is necessary to speak about and what is better not to mention to avoid unnecessary additional questions?

The experts of Write-my.com agency will try to help you.

Speech for the defense is an extract, quintessence of your paper (usually we speak about the defense of a term or course paper, thesis or dissertation). However, one can have a task to present any college project: a movie review, a scholarship essay, an argumentative essay, a case study, a lab report, etc. You might be asked to present your admission essay too. Believe us, no one but your supervisor will read your whole paper, and that is why it is important to carry the sense of your work to the members of the committee and other listeners. At first glance it looks like a very difficult task, however, there is no reason to panic.

An approximate structure of a speech for paper defense is as following:

  • Introduction to the student and paper topic.
  • Reasons for topic selection and its relevance.
  • Goals and objectives of work.
  • Subject, object and time frame of research.
  • Logic of work composition in the first and second chapters.
  • Reasoning for every conclusion and statement presented in the third chapter.
  • Main provisions of new legislative and regulatory acts published after submission of work to the defense.
  • Work done by a student in accordance with the remarks of supervisor and reviewer.
  • Concluding part – perspective and objectives of further study of the topic.

When it deals with such a serious paper as a research proposal, a personal statement, a business plan, etc. your speech must be impeccable. The main thing is to demonstrate complex and critical thinking. One must determine the foremost points among all valuable thoughts and insights of the project. If it is not your cup of tea, think about our paper writing service. We will pick the best parts of your college essay and present them in the best possible light. Place an order on our website. You can simply type "write my speech" on live chat and follow the further instructions.

Professional custom speech writing services

The thought "OMG, somebody, write my speech" might have already crossed your mind. Students often do not even know where to start. Let's begin with the structure.

A speech should be composed according to the following scheme:

  1. Appeal to the committee and listeners, introduction of the paper topic.
  2. After that, one or two paragraphs are selected from paper introduction to bring listeners to the topic, for example, to speak about current situation in the country or world, to raise the issue corresponding to the topic of work. “That is why the topic of my term / course / thesis / dissertation paper is relevant at the present time / in the current circumstances…”
  3. Next, goals and objectives are presented (speak briefly but informatively).
  4. Object and subject of research (if you have them), information sources, methods used when creating paper (usually, all this information is present in the introduction of the document).
  5. “My … research paper consists of the introduction, 3 chapters (more or fewer), conclusion, reference list”, and after that you give a brief description of every part of your work.
  6. “In the first chapter of my capstone project, I studied the theoretical aspects of… You can see the key ones in figure 1 of handout material. There will be presented the following problems…”
  7. “In the second chapter, I analyzed… The analysis results are presented in table 3 of handout material. There were revealed the following problems…”
  8. “As a result, with the purpose to solve the revealed problems / to improve the activity of… in the third chapter, I proposed a methodology / suggestions / made recommendations…”, and again you refer to handouts.
  9. “In view of the foregoing, this work has practical significance (explain what significance). The results of studies / provisions of the methodology can be used in the activity of organization (bank, company) / responsible bodies…”
  10. In the end, it is necessary to say that you have finished your report on the topic … and thank for the attention.

In order to prepare handouts, it is recommended to select the most spectacular and informative tables, diagrams, drawings, etc. Every person has different pace of speech, but on average it takes about 10 minutes to present one’s paper (depending on its size). An approximate timing for the defense speech is the following:

  • Points 1-4 up to 1-2 minutes;
  • Points 5-6 up to 2-3 minutes;
  • Points 7-10 up to 4-5 minutes.

After the speech, supervisor’s feedback and external review, a student clearly and concisely answers the question he / she is asked. Remember whatever good your paper is, it will be evaluated based on the results of the defense speech. Keep your confidence. Prepare your speech in advance. Even a not well-written paper can get a high grade if it is properly presented.

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How to write a winning speech

Many students often say “experience five minutes of embarrassment and enjoy eternal glory” when it goes about the necessity to deliver a speech. The following tips that we present will help cope with the difficulties not only in speech writing but also in preparation for the defense, in general, because speech is a powerful tool that can either save or take you down.

Students usually get about 10 minutes to present their paper, about 2 minutes per page, and it means that a speech should be written in 4-5 pages approximately. A correctly composed speech for the defense, presentation to it and handout material with examples with help not read (what irritates and tires the committee) but tell about work. If you want to prepare a defense speech and look confident, there is sense to rehearse it. If after the defense, the committee members ask questions and have kind of discussion, it means that the speech has impressed them, that it is well-written, and that the defense goes fine, in general.

However, before you start speaking in front of the audience, you need to remember several things:

  • Do not read the text. If you can, it would be better to memorize it. If you cannot, it is recommended to use the cards with text elements or even your work plan, but still do not read. Just have a look at them if you get stuck.
  • Rehearse. It will help you not only go deeper in the material but also see whether your speech fits into time frames.
  • Use illustrative examples. Of course, a presentation illustrates your speech, however, if you have other visual means that fit your presentation, it is better to use them as well.
  • Get dressed comfortably but professionally, depending on the situation. If you do not know what other participants will wear, contact someone responsible and ask.
  • Keep yourself and speak naturally. It is okay to be a bit nervous but try to behave as much naturally as you can. Even if you make a mistake, continue your speech. Your audience will probably not notice a little mistake.
  • Speak passionately. Worrying is catchy. If you are thrilled about your topic, your audience will get thrilled as well, most likely.
  • When you finish your speech, do not rush to go away. Stay for a moment and be ready to answer the questions if someone asks. If this is the defense of an academic project, there will be questions for sure. Be calm and confident and everything will be fine.

There are many things that you need to take into consideration to create a good speech. However, there is no need to think about all of that if you appeal to our agency and ask our professional writers to create a speech for you. Speech writing service has a cheap price, and additionally, you can order a presentation for your speech. It is always plagiarism free. Write-my.com experts will do an excellent speech that will help you achieve the desired goals.