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Write-my Company provides custom writing services as well as online class distant help for students. We can take your tests and exams online, as well as do any college paper, including term papers, thesis, dissertations on all college subjects. Whatever university or college you study at, you can rely on our professional help!


We guarantee:

  • Professional help;
  • Low prices;
  • 100% confidentiality;
  • Satisfaction of request;
  • 24/7 support.

How to make the most of it?

Contact us at any time to order our professional writing services. You can use a live chat or send us an email. Mention recommendations for your online exams. There is an order form on the site. Fill it out and our manager will contact you to specify all the necessary details.

We can assure you that your contact information and any personal data will never be transferred to third parties. Any information about our clients is not subject to disclosure. The cost depends on complexity of a test or an online class assignment, however, all our clients claim that prices on our site are reasonable and affordable.  You can choose any payment method you prefer.

Cooperation with our team is:

  • Immediate response to your request. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible and provide all the necessary information. We realize that some online exams are extremely urgent.
  • Performance of work on a turn-key basis. You do not need to worry about anything. Our specialists will do everything for you. If it is necessary to fix something, we perform corrections for free.
  • Discount and bonus system. There are numerous pleasant perks for our regular customers as well as new clients.

Predicting some of your questions on our writing service, we want to inform:

  1. If you want to place an order, fill out a special order form on our site. Our specialist will contact you and clarify all the details.
  2. The price of our services is affordable to all. Additionally, there are discounts and various freebies for you.
  3. When work is done, we will inform you about it by email.
  4. There are many payment ways, and you can choose any of them.
  5. We will carry out your order as quickly as you need it. You set the time frames for us.
  6. If it is necessary to refine a performed work, contact us, and we will do everything required.
  7. We provide support and assistance twenty four hours a day seven days per week.

An online expert writes my tests competently

How to take tests and exams online successfully

Today it becomes more and more popular to get higher education in the form of distant learning. What does it mean? A student gets learning material, takes online classes and tests, and passes exams without leaving home. In such form of education getting, the biggest difficulty is to take exams and tests remotely, i.e. to take them online. However, essay writing is not an easy task too.

Distant learning is popular in many countries because it is convenient. First of all, it allows students to study and work (or be on maternity leave) at the same time. Second of all, experience shows that such form of education for some people is the only available option. Hence online class system is popular.

In the meantime, a lot of people need help with studying on distant education and online exams, in particular. Why? The reason is that usually there is no one to explain a complex topic or, due to the work load, there is just no time to prepare for tests and exams. An assignment from an online class can be very difficult.

Trying to find a way out, students search for the answers to distant learning assignments on the internet but find nothing suitable. The reason is that the modern demands for education and constant control from the part of educational institutions strongly prevent such opportunities.

As a result, not so many students manage to pass online tests and exams the first time. What can less prepared students, who cannot learn something properly but need to get education, do in this case? It is not a good idea to fail online exams.

In such cases, our company is ready to provide qualified assistance with distant education. We will help you regardless of what educational institution you study at, what your specialty is, and how difficult curriculum is. Our writing service is a convenient way out.

Specialists do my college homework online

Online help with tests and exams for college students

Appeal to our writing service will release you from many problems that many online class students of distance learning face. Successfully working for many years in this sphere, we have helped thousands of students to pass exams excellently.

If you are a student of any remote program or online class, use our services, and you will make the process of test and exam taking much easier. Cooperation with us guarantees you success and time saving:

  • Our specialists will take your exam on any subject matter online;
  • You can be sure of the outcome because we ensure professional performance of the commitments we make;
  • Cooperation with us will cost much cheaper rather than services of tutors or other private educators who help with test solution on a case-by-case basis;
  • We guarantee every client to comply with the agreed deadlines and timely solution of any questions;
  • We are ready to help you with the most complicated cases, including a narrowly specialized online class;
  • We will answer any question about how to take tests and exams remotely, as well as succeed in online class.

If you have any doubts that you can pass an exam or a test successfully on your own, you can always entrust this task to the professionals of Write-my Company. You can never be too careful. It is better to be safe than sorry. We know many other sayings that are perfect in this situation, but we think you have got the point. It is easy to get our online class help, and you do not risk at all. Also, the chances that you will get an excellent grade increase greatly.

How to take a test or examination online

The algorithm of action is very simple and clear:

  • Send a request to our email or use live chat for direct connection;
  • Our consultant answers all the questions that interest you and specifies the details concerning the essence of your appeal;
  • We guarantee to solve the tests of distance learning;
  • You wait for the result that certainly satisfies you;
  • If you have online class tests and exams on several subjects, stay in touch with us, and we will assist you with any matter.

For our part, we will be much grateful to you if you provide information support to your friends and familiars who, just like you, look for the answers to distant learning tests and online class test. Share the link to our website with them, and they will be forever grateful to you for the solution of such an urgent problem.

We also want to draw your attention that it does not important for us at all where you live and at what educational institution study. Support with exams and online class tests is guaranteed, in any case.

Our company provides services strictly confidentially, so you may not worry about disclosure of this information. Collaboration with our specialists is organized in such a way that the fact of taking online class tests of exams for you will never be made public, under any circumstances.

We guarantee strict compliance with all the obligations because we cherish our reputation and a professional image. Pleased clients and absence of complaints are the main principles of our work.

Where to find answers to online class tests

This is the question that many visitors of our site ask. We want to answer to all and at once – there is no such a website that can guarantee and provide you with universal answers to any test because educational institutions are numerous, they have different assignments, and also, they change tasks every year. All this is made with a single goal – to prevent cheating and transferring of answers to third parties.

So far, the only available method to pass online class exams successfully for distant education students, without any preliminary preparation and learning, is to appeal to someone who will take an exam for you. Of course, the most important is not just to answer the questions of a test but answer them correctly, without confusing terms and notions of a subject.

Any test and exam can be passed in such a way that your grades will be excellent. We know how to do it competently, without mistakes and any other unpleasant situations. Being aware of the mechanism, based on which distant tests and exams are held, we can do everything in style. No one will ever guess that we take your exams. This is extremely significant because if you are caught in cheating, the chance of successful test or examination retaking will be extremely small.

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Why it is better to let our specialists take your tests and exams

It is possible to get a good grade for a test only if you really study hard (and have enough time to do it) or you are very lucky. Nevertheless, the most reliable way is to use a tested and trusted method. We know what we are talking about because taking tests and exams online is our profile.

Since new visitors of our site, the ones who are not acquainted with us yet, will certainly want to know details, we want to tell about the main benefits from cooperation with our company:

  • Cheap prices;
  • Prompt solution of your problem;
  • Guaranteed successful test taking.

We involve in the work only prepared specialists who are well aware of the subjects they get. There are no “accident” people in our team. Whatever task is, the answers to your online test will be correct, providing you with a good grade and successful academic performance.

If you worry that others will know that someone takes a test for you, just trust us. We know how to do everything without a hitch. In case of distance learning, there is no problem for us to take your tests and exams online. All you need is to specify a subject, the date of a test / exam, as well as some other details concerning the test / exam, and we will do this work perfectly for you.

Professional and cheap online test or exam service

Correct solution of tests and exams online

When you do not know a subject well, it is difficult to answer the questions related to it. Even textbooks at hand will not help. Only a clever head on the shoulders can save, and we are ready to provide you with this very head. Not literary, of course, but still…

If you have already started to learn remotely, tests and exams will be forthcoming. It means that you will not have more time to learn some topics excellently. Fortunately, there is no need to do it because we can offer you the services of experts who specialize in a necessary subject and can easily answer any question or solve a problem.

Usually, tasks at the tests and exams are more or less standard. That is why our specialists can quickly and competently answer all the test questions, which they have already answered for dozens of times. A modern system of distance learning implies accurate answers to the tests. In addition, the response options can confuse even the most gifted and intelligent student, but not our specialist!

We will greatly facilitate the task for you, because you will not need to look for the professionals in necessary spheres on your own. Leave us a request right now, and we will take your tests and exams online. Let your online exam be successful!