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Looking for a job? Face difficulties with competent full (and simultaneously concise) resume creation? The specialists of our company will support you with creation of such resume that will draw more employers’ attention and will be informative for HR managers.

To order a resume that will bring you an invitation to an interview is the reason why you are here. Every job seeker can do a resume on one’s own. However, with a professional approach, your experience can look much more attractive for an employer. You have already used to your accomplishments, take them for granted, and often cannot distinguish your unique features and skills on your own. And here, professional copywriters who specialize in resume writing sphere come to the rescue. We make your job search effective and fruitful.

Order resume creation from a professional resume writer!

Let a person who

  • has been hired thanks to a competently written resume,
  • knows the rules and tricks of paper creation, as well as copywriting laws,
  • has helped many other people creating resumes for them along with cover and motivation letters,
  • has talked to many hiring managers in different professional spheres create a resume for you.

You will not recognize yourself in the description of your career path. Your self-esteem and confidence will increase, and you will feel calm and sure of your strength.

To create a professional resume and cover letter is easy for us, meanwhile, it is long and complex for many job seekers. A lot of facts in different resumes are similar, however, someone is invited for an interview, and someone else’s resume is thrown in the garbage can right after reading the first lines.

A paper done by Write-my.com resume writers will win the heart of your prospective employers. How far you go after that is up to you. The most important is to know for sure what you want from life and from us.

The price for a resume with a cover letter will surprise you pleasantly. We purposely made it cheaper compared with other companies to support job seekers. It is easy to order a resume. What matters the most is to be able to present yourself at an interview. There you will be one-on-one with an employer. So good luck with the job search!

On the site, visit Order page to send us a request. There you will find an order form that you need to fill out. Or contact us via live chat, and our professional resume writer will assist you with any matter.

Challenges that a job seeker faces and the reasons to get a new resume and cover letter:

You doubt the competitiveness of a resume;

  • You are not pleased with the number of invitations for an interview;
  • You often get refusals after a job interview and you want to fix it;
  • You need to get carefully prepared for difficult questions that an interlocutor might ask;
  • You feel you can do more and strive for growth and development;
  • You have not looked for a job for a long time and are not familiar with the modern market;
  • You are asked to submit a resume for a good position but you lack time to create it;
  • You feel that your resume does not reflect your potential;
  • You want to increase the value of your resume so that it would reflect your real experience and accomplishments;
  • It is important for you to be an individual and demanded specialist, but you do not know how to present and sell yourself correctly.

If your thoughts constantly dwell on thoughts "write my resume and cover letter", think about our service.

Write-my.com pros know what to write in my resume

A resume defines whether you will be invited for an interview to the company. If a resume does not contain data that interests an employer, most likely, an HR will not contact you to specify if you have the skills they need. Your resume will not be considered at all.

On the other hand, almost any work experience can be presented in a positive light. For this purpose, relevant experience and accomplishments should be mentioned competently, and you will manage to tailor your resume to the positions that interest you.

We are dead set against ordered resumes created without participation of a client. Usually, such resumes are not competently done, do not reflect candidate’s experience, and consist of clichés taken from the internet.

Our resume writers work with the participation of clients. Or it would be even better to say it differently: we accompany and assist a client with resume creation. By asking questions, we build a resume taking into consideration your experience, accomplishments, career steps and, of course, tailoring a resume to a future position. We also provide free resume and career advice on our blog.

The result is:

  • You will have a full-value high-quality resume that will increase your chances to get to the company of your dream.
  • The secret of successful resume distribution is that it should be corrected for every vacancy, for which you apply. This will increase the chances to be noticed.
  • However, if you already have a resume, and it is only required to perform some corrections, you can also email us, and our resume writers will do our best to refine and strengthen it.

How to order it? Contact us in any convenient for you way. Live chat is there for direct and immediate contact. Feel free to write to us anytime.

Get useful advice & expert resume writing services

Good advice on resume creation

If you want your resume to reach its target, it should maintain the maximum of special-purpose information and be concise at the same time. Cutting off unnecessary information is just one of the keys to an ideal resume. We have prepared helpful pieces of advice that will help sharpen one’s resume paper.

  1. General resume direction should correspond to the position that you are applying for. If you have all the required skills to work both as a sales manager and administrator, and any of these two positions will be fine for you, still it is better not to write in the title of resume “Administrator, Sales manages”. It is recommended to create two separate resumes and present them – this will make you look more serious in front of the recruiter. Also, in a resume, it is necessary to focus on the profession that you want to get. For example, if you apply for a position of a computer tech, there is no need to describe in detail your experience of work as a sales consultant. In the first place, there should be a position that you have occupied in the sphere, in which you are looking for a job.
  2. Do not abuse clichés and banalities such as “responsibility”, “sociability”, “result-oriented mindset” and so on. No one treats them seriously for a long time already. In a resume, references to your publications or examples of your projects will be much more useful. These are the things, based on which an employer can evaluate your potential.
  3. If you know a foreign language or several, it is required to clarify at what level. A statement “English / German / French is fluent, I have experience of business correspondence and formulation of claim applications” sounds much better rather than “English / German / French is fluent”.
  4. If you place a resume on the internet, it is recommended to fill it with keywords, i.e. with search queries, with the help of which employers look for employees through employment websites. For example, if you are looking for a job of sales manager, the keywords can be “sales”, “manager”, “work with clients” and the like.
  5. Quantitative indicators of your previous accomplishments will have stronger influence on a recruiter rather than abstract statements like “I increased the efficiency of sales”, “I developed client database”, etc. Mention how many projects you did, on what percentage you managed to increase product turnover of the company. Even if the numbers are approximate, still it will help your resume stand out from other similar papers.
  6. If you do not hand your resume personally but submit it via email, think about creating it in a popular format. A generally accepted standard for a resume is to create it in Microsoft Word program in DOC format. We would like to stress this point because new Word versions also use DOCX format, which older versions of the text editor do not support. Recruiters usually do not install additional soft just to look through a resume.
  7. A resume paper should be clearly structured with highlighted paragraphs and subparagraphs. Highlight and separate meaningful text elements using headlines. On our site, you can find more useful tips on how to present job seeker’s “passport” nicely.

Our resume writer perfectly knows what to do to create an excellent paper. You can order it on our site with a discount up to 20%. Resume created by Write-my.com specialists always hits its target. We will help you get the position you are dreaming about.

We create new and rewrite resumes professionally

What is required to prepare a resume:

  • Information about education (period, educational institution, faculty, specialty, additional courses and training).
  • Information about job experience (period, company name, sphere of company activity, position, duties, the cause of dismissal, accomplishments).
  • Additional information (level of proficiency in PC, knowledge of foreign languages, possession of a driver's license and / or car).
  • Contact information (full name, telephone, email address, city of residence, citizenship, etc.).

How to get a resume done? You send us the necessary information using the form on our site, and our expert builds a resume. A ready paper will be delivered to your email.

Warranties that we give:

  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism and integrity
  • Selling, error-free and unique resume paper
  • Cheap cost of resume writing & editing services
  • Individual approach
  • Round-the-clock online support

Professional assistance and outstanding performance

The experts of our agency are ready to consult you on any resume and interview related issues. Our professional assistance and support will help you feel confident and present yourself as best you can when the resume created by our specialists bring you many interview invitations.

Resume papers ordered at Write-my.com are always professionally written, error-free, well-structured and selling. Prices for our services are affordable and cheap in comparison with other companies. Remember that a properly built resume is 70% of your future success. The rest 30% is an interview, for which you are responsible. So do your best at the interview, and we will do our best to bring you as many interview invitations as possible. We wish you success with a job search! You can always count on support from our resume writers.