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Do you have a ready paper, let’s say dissertation, but it is far from being called “academic and properly written”? The specialists of Write-my Company can completely edit and proofread your text with a view to the generally accepted standards, stylistic and grammatical mistakes, as well as other flaws and inaccuracies that can cause complaints of your teacher, supervisor, examination committee or any other person to whom you are going to present your paper.

All the works will be performed by highly-qualified editors and proofreaders with excellent knowledge of language rules and a wealth of experience in this sphere. Our team works as quickly as clients need, so you can give us the most urgent task to "write, edit my texts". We guarantee to deliver it exactly at an agreed time. Another thing that we can guarantee is an outstanding quality of edited text. It will be your text, but you cannot imagine how excellent it can be. Our experts can turn it into a masterpiece. You will achieve your goals with our professional help and support. By the way, clients of our agency can rely on support twenty four hours seven days a week.

Our customers get the following benefits cooperating with Write-my Company:

  • Professional editing of college papers and other documents by specialists with many years of experience.
  • Editing of texts on any topic and subject.
  • Accepting orders from customers all over the world.
  • Competent academic editing of thesis, dissertation, term paper, abstracts, articles, essays, etc.
  • High-quality editing and proofreading of a text with a view to identifying all possible mistakes, including syntactical, stylistic and grammar errors.

Text editing

Even an outstanding dish of haute cuisine can be spoiled by little details. That is why in any matter attention to details is important. The same works for writing of various text and copywriting. In order to create a good “pure” text, it is required to read and correct it for several times. It means that editor’s support is necessary.

An editor pays attention to both form and content performing the required semantic and grammatical corrections in a text before it is presented.

An editor reads and corrects:

  • orthography, punctuation and figures of speech;
  • stylistic flaws;
  • tracks the logic of statements detecting semantic errors and ambiguities;
  • checks quotations and terminology;
  • increases informativeness of a text removing unnecessary words, unreasonably long and complex phrases and picking up more accurate wordings.

In such a way, editing allows making a text easier to read, removing the problems with syntax, stylistics and logic of statement, as well as the problems of semantic nature and odd situations when, for example, an author speaks about two objects in the beginning and suddenly ends with speaking about three objects without any explanation.

When fixing text content, an editor does not act as a writer by reducing or increasing the size of an original text. However, if a client sets this kind of task, an editor can do it as well.

A qualified professional writes & edits my papers

A bit of formal information about text editing Editing is the correction (check and fixing) of any text with the goal to bring its form and content into conformity with the norms of written language and agreed requirements. Depending on functional specificity, set objectives and purpose of a text (academic or journalistic, information or business), there are scientific and specialized, artistic, literary and technical types of editing. Each of them has its features.

Purpose of literary editing and its features

Literary editing is the most universal process of editing work since it is directed at the increase of perfection of all the kinds of text and contains the elements of other editing types.

  • It implies the analysis of composition, style, vocabulary, logic, syntax structure of the text with further elimination and correction of found mistakes and flaws.
  • It checks factual material: quotations, references to the sources, appropriateness and correctness of the use of words, terms, dates, names, numbers and other data.
  • It cuts the size of a text to set parameters and, if necessary, redoes text fragments without changing author’s message and idea.

Main stages of editing

Editing work does not tolerate templates. There are no editing “recipes”, based on which you could improve and change any text. However, in the process of work, there appear some regularities that may help edit texts in the future. Also, specialists distinguish editorial reading and editing kinds.

Editorial reading process can be:

  • Orientation – a text is analyzed and evaluated as a whole (content, idea, author’s style), corrections are not performed (except for obvious misprints);
  • In-depth – all the fragments are analyzed (semantic and syntax text constructions, every word separately), necessary corrections are performed;
  • Polishing – final improvement and perfecting of a text.

Usually, there should pass several hours or even days between in-depth and polishing types of editing to achieve the best result. This rule works when we speak about author’s editing.

When professionals edit a text, there is no need to wait at all.

Now let’s see in what way an editor fixes every text. Kinds of editing:

  • Read-through – correction of all the compositional, semantic, stylistic and vocabulary flaws;
  • Reduction – bringing of a text size to the set parameters, elimination of too long constructions and repetitions. The cases when it is necessary to increase the size of text are more seldom because insufficient size is the reason to work more on a text and, only then, perform its editing;
  • Processing – performance of required changes and corrections based on the results of the reading and analysis of a text. Both author and editor can make corrections;
  • Rewriting – creation of a new text variant based on the author’s text. It is performed when text stylistics and content do not correspond to the set requirements;
  • Synthetic correction – it includes the elements of all editing kinds;
  • Technical correction – general design of a text at the final stage of work on it. It implies the check of such parameters as uniqueness, level of spam, etc.

I trust experts to write my texts

Editing plays an important role in content marketing An editor and his (or her) creative work are the link between marketers and readers. Serving as a trustee from both parties, an editor provides content with true value, contributes to the promotion of goods and services, informs and satisfies the interests and requests of consumers. An editor is exactly that person who works with content, raising and developing the ideas of content authors, transforms chaotic presentation of thoughts into accurate arguments and proofs.

Convincing content marketing of high level that attracts, involves, captures, and encourages for action the internet users on the websites and other information platforms of companies, firms, agencies, studios, bureaus is crucial to the successful doing and promotion of business. Professional editing is placed in the beginning of the list of necessary “tools” and competent components of this process.

If you have factual information that you just cannot unite and create a single whole and, in addition, it does not bring the desired results in the promotion of your business, use the services of professional editors from Write-my Company.

How is editing performed?

When editing is finished, all the changes and corrections are obligatory agreed with the author of a text. Many other agencies miss this stage, probably in order to save time or believing that their editors know what and how to do better than a customer.

Having edited a paper, we deliver it to a customer and additionally provide a report on a done work. We explain in details what exactly and how has been changed and corrected, and also, our specialists give recommendations on how a text can be improved more. If a client agrees with everything, it will not be difficult to perform necessary changes. If there are any complaints, and a client requests to fix something, we do all the adjustments for free.

How to order editing and proofreading

Any written text should be edited and proofread by a specialist. Of course, a text author can do it on one’s own, nevertheless, only a professional editor can guarantee 100% competent paper processing. If you purchase editing services on our site, we guarantee to deliver an error-free polished paper because an entire team of qualified and experienced experts will work on it. Naturally, editing is not an easy thing, so it would be a wise step to delegate this work to true professionals.

On our website, you can order editing and proofreading anytime. We have affordable prices that will pleasantly surprise you. There is a bonus system for our regular clients, and newcomers are guaranteed to get a discount up to 20% for their first order.

If you doubt the quality of editing performed by our specialists, check out feedback from customers who have already tried our services. Based on reviews from real people, you can form your opinion and make decision about the feasibility of further cooperation with our editors. However, you can believe us – our experts are the best and always perform work of extra quality. You will be definitely pleased with the result, and the result will be 100% as you want!