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There is an extremely significant thing that we want to clarify about a personal statement is that it differs greatly from any other academic paper you will ever need to create. Obviously, it is not so sophisticated as research paper writing and not so long a case study. Still, it has crucial peculiarities.

When we speak about a personal statement, it is a text from you. Herein lies the sense of this type of paper. It should demonstrate your abilities of thinking, analyzing and justifying in relation to the main idea. That is why the way of creation of a personal statement is much different from other essay types, although there are a lot of common points. Apparently, at high school, you have already written an argumentative essay or an article review. Yet, it is a completely different case.

How to do a brilliant personal statement

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As the Admissions Board of the Ivy League says, a personal statement is exactly that paper that is remembered the most from all other papers that you provide for admission. Through an essay, the admissions board tries to look at you as a personality, what you really are. There are so many applicants who have almost identical scores for tests and examinations, and exactly an essay distinguishes you and shows your personality. Besides, a personal statement demonstrates how you can present yourself, conduct data analysis, speak with other people in written form. The admissions board membership when reading your paper not only learns something about you and judges about your character based on grammar forms and used linguistic units but also focuses on what is said and what thoughts are presented in the text.

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The most common questions for a personal statement

The questions can be any, beginning with “Speak about who you are” or “What is your favorite book?”. Our essay writing service gathered the listing of the most common ones:

  • Speak about the most important achievement you have.
  • How do you spend time after classes? Describe two kinds of activity and their importance.
  • Describe a person who has influenced you and in what way.
  • If you could improve one skill or talent, what would it be and why?
  • What course, project, research paper or book influenced you? In what way?
  • Describe your future plans. Do you think about a personal business plan?
  • What course would you like to take and how would it help you in the future?
  • Based on your life experience and experience of your family, what would you like to tell us about you?
  • Speak about some tough case that has happened to you.
  • Tell about situations when you needed leadership?
  • What additional information would you like to present?

If you apply to 10 colleges, it does not mean that you will have to do 10 different papers. We have a trick – a technique called “recycling”, the point of which is to change some elements of your work depending on the question that should be answered. For example, one of the colleges asks you to create a personal statement on the topic “Speak about experience that has influenced you greatly”, another college sets the topic “Speak about a conversation that has influenced your view of life”, and so on. At first sight, they look and sound different, nevertheless, it is not so. You can describe a situation when your dad cooking breakfast has influenced your outlook on life. This essay will definitely answer the first question. If you begin it with the phrase “Despite the fact that I had many conversations with my dad, the most important one was…”, you will answer the second question. The same beginning will fit the topic “Speak about the saddest moment”. When creating a personal statement, do not stick to a single subject, try to express the thoughts so that you can change some details and create a new essay for another college.

The one who writes my best personal statements

Our personal statement writing service adheres to certain principles of work. Here are some of them.

Steps to do a first-class personal statement

Step #1: to gather the subjects for a statement. Gather all the subjects for a statement and make a list of them. Start recollecting the cases from your life experience that can be used for the gathered subjects. Take notes of every thought coming to your head. We have some questions that will help you focus:

  • What is your most favorite occupation, your hobby?
  • Do you possess any particular abilities or talents?
  • What person had the biggest impact on your life?
  • What did you do the previous holidays?
  • Speak about a perfect day for you.
  • Speak about the changes in your life for the last years?
  • Recollect some significant moments with your family / fellows / educators.
  • Which accomplishments make you feel pride?
  • Mention the features that make you special.
  • Which one among them is the most essential?
  • Is there any person, life principles of whom you follow?
  • Recollect the most complex thing you have ever needed to do.
  • In what cases did you show leadership?

Note every single idea that comes to your head. It will be nice if your close ones will give answers as well because they can recollect some things that you have forgotten.

Step #2: to perfect the list of subjects. It happens that everyone speaks about the same things. The major aim of an applicant is to show his / her difference and uniqueness. Your personal statement should be special and different from any other. Be sure to speak about such things that concern the unique topics (usually they write about traveling, family / parents, sport). The topic you select should be approached uniquely. Every idea or thought you present needs the support of examples. The specialists of the board need to examine your paper, so it would be nice if you do not have superficial thoughts, and the one who reads your paper can reflect on some things. Another essential thing to bear in mind is that the board membership might not possess some special knowledge, so it is not recommended to use some rare terms or other words that can be difficult for understanding of other people. Read your text one more time and be certain that it demonstrates you as a personality, that the subject you present means much to you, that you have coped with the mission to demonstrate that you are interested in the things you speak about and do it in a unique way.

Step #3: to answer the questions listening to yourself. Show who you are. Stop thinking about what the board membership would expect to see. Choose the subjects that you are well acquainted with and that have importance for you. Present the ideas you have and share experience.

  • Begin with an interesting introduction. You need to start your text so that the reader would want to continue reading. For example, you can say that you are afraid of the sound of weapon. People will guess at once that there will be a story about a war or when you have heard the sound of weapon. Or share the fear of dentists. However, bear in mind that introduction should not be too long – a personal statement has its size frames.
  • Share something personal. A personal statement is one of those rare occasions when you can communicate with a college (or university). Your paper should tell about what thoughts there are in your head, about your life attitude, targets, and you as a personality. Look at yourself and concentrate on it.
  • Speak about such things that will be memorized and attract readers. Ask questions, speak about emotions so that the board membership could experience at least something similar. When finishing, answer the following question: “Would I like this text if it was not mine?”.
  • Use original language. It is required to read your paper for several times so that you could use interesting words and grammatical structures. Be cautious with humor – not so many people can use it properly.
  • Demonstrate growth and progress. The membership of the board wants to know how you have grown when some difficult situations have happened in your life, what impact they have had on it. It is also evaluated whether you can study at their educational institution. It is strongly recommended to speak about how exactly you have been influenced, what hardships faced, and which things have been learned during this time.
  • Give accurate examples. There is no sense in just saying that you are an absolute leader. Present situations, give examples where you have demonstrated your leadership.
  • Finish your paper like this: make the reader memorize your text. For instance, finish your thoughts so that others could reflect on them.

Step #4: to check and rewrite. Check your statement for many times, ask friends and relatives for help. A good idea is to contact the students of a selected college (university) and ask them to help, suggest ideas or make corrections in your paper. Harvard’s students recommend the applicants to appeal to two or three professional editors. However, if you order editing services on our website, there will be no need to turn to someone else for additional assistance. Our experts do their work perfectly the first time.

Step #5: to perfect a personal statement. In order to be sure that a text does not maintain mistakes and misprints, there is a good technique – to read it from the end. When you read from the end, you do not focus on the possible mistakes but on the word itself and its spelling. Check any words, the spelling of which you doubt, in the dictionary.

Also, count the words. If they ask to write 500 words, do not do more than 10-20 words beyond the set frame. However, the easiest way is to buy personal statement.

What is strictly forbidden to present?

  • Do not try to be someone else. You will not manage to deceive the board membership who has seen thousands of papers and can see at once that your description of yourself does not correspond to other documents.
  • Do not choose too complex topics and thoughts. In Harvard, they receive many papers, in which applicants try to prove that they understand complex ideas and topics, meanwhile, it is not like that in fact.
  • Try to avoid generally accepted clichés – they demonstrate that you cannot present ideas on your own.
  • Try to avoid too many quotes. They produce an impression that you do not have your own opinion.

We wish you luck with your personal statement creation. If you have something to clarify, do not hesitate to write to us. Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions. Do not forget that you can buy a personal statement from our writing service.

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